Quintana Roo PRfive Race Neutron

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QR PRfive Race Ultegra Neutron Pink

The PRfive represents all the best aero benefits of its cousin, the PRsix, but with its design moved to a standard front end, making it not only easier to mechanically work on and travel with, but also making it more affordable. Shift + technology offsets the Static Aero Downtube towards the drive side of the bike thus redirecting the concentrated airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (drive side) to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side) of the bike. This minimizes drag and makes the drivetrain virtually invisible to the wind. The result is a bike that is more stable and more aerodynamic.  QR’s size specific QBox Rear Storage System is designed to further enhance the aerodynamics and stability while providing a quick and convenient location for storage.

  • Hand painted and assembled in the USA
  • Easy to assemble using only two allen wrench sizes
  • 6 position seat post design
  • Shimano Ultegra 8000
  • Reynolds Strike carbon race wheels
  • Vison Trimax crank
  • Profile Design T4 aerobar